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Brief History

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. first organized in 1979. Its' first product was the development of a new technology for auto security (see Commerical Appeal March 27, 1981).

On Feb 21, 2000, ATWEC emerged as a Nevada Corporation doing business in the State of Tennessee. The primary focus has shifted to pre-school and daycare safety products as it relates to the transportation industry.

ATWEC Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique, highly effective safety application for the huge, underserved population looking for and using safety devices. Children left on day-care buses, a recurring and potentially deadly situation, occur across the country every month. ATWEC designs new safety products specifically for the transportation industry.


Alex Wiley -President and Founder

of ATWEC Technologies

  • •35 YRS. Developing and designing electronic security Systems

  • •Graduated from State Technical Institute with a degree in Electronic Engineering.

  • •Engineer in aero space industry

  • •Hold US patent for Kiddie Voice products.

Darnell Stitts –CEO

  • •40 yrs. Executive Management and Business Operations

  • •Quality Control Consultant

  • •Entrepreneur

  • •Fabricator and Designer

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