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ATWEC Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique line of hi-tech child care safety and security products for sale in the US, Canada and Mexico. The Company is headquartered in Memphis, TN, with its primary manufacturing plant in Alabama. The Company has invested its resources in the development, manufacture, and distribution of its Kiddie Systems products, specializing in the protection and safety of children, as related to vehicles and transportation, which can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. The Kiddie Systems product line includes Kiddie Voice, Kiddie Alert, and Kiddie Watch, now marketed and sold to customers across North America. The suite of products was developed to ensure safety and security during the transport of children in day care vans and school buses. The Kiddie Voice alarm system is protected by patent no. US 7,646,288 B2 "Occupant Warning System for School or Day Care Bus and Van", which alerts drivers with a unique warning system every time the vehicle stops. The products prevent children from being forgotten or left in extremely hot or cold vehicles, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of young children. The Company is now working to help pass legislation that will continue to promote protecting the welfare of children, and uses its Kiddie Kid mascot to help promote and make safety fun and educational for children, parents and teachers.

What is RFID Technology?

Radio Frequency Identification Device is the use of a wireless system that uses radio frequency to transfer data from a tag attached to people or an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.
We use this new cutting edge technology in our New KV-4 Child Protection System. Take a look at the new design, key fob and use of this new technology in action.

ATWEC Corporate News

ATWEC Technologies Releases New Vehicle Sterilization System for Buses, Commercial Vehicles, and Public Transportation
PRNS | 10/28/2020
ATWEC Technologies, Inc. Appoints Darnell Stitts as President and CEO
PRNS | 10/13/2020
ATWEC Technologies Inc Updates Shareholders on Acquisition Plans and New Website
PRNS | 10/01/2020
Merger Transaction Will Bring New Product Lines for School and Daycare Markets
PRNS | 08/25/2020
Here To Serve Announces Nine-Month and Q3 Earnings
PRNS | 08/17/2020
ATWEC Technologies Enters Surveillance Market with New LS3-Cam™
ACSW | 08/11/2020
ATWEC Technologies Acquires Level Three Security for Cash and Stock
ACSW | 07/28/2020
ATWEC Technologies Begins Shipping Patented KV-4™ Systems
ACSW | 07/09/2020
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