KV-X Sterilization System


KV-X Sterilization System

The KVX is a 2 stage sanitizer module that utilizes a UVC module to disinfect air. It can do this by isolating the UVC light behind a HEPA type filter on one end and baffles on the other. This module may be programmed to operate for a short time after the vehicle is shut down. The second module emits Ozone in accordance with FDA guidelines. The KVX system is programmed to start at a designated time to sanitize the vehicle. if no motion is detected with its ultrasonic module, even after it has started the sanitizer sequence, any motion within the vehicle will immediately stop the cycle. The Ozone cycle will only operate for one-half hour for the average transport vehicle. The UVC module will also operate during this period to help disperse the disinfect properties of the Ozone. The UVC module will continue to operate for several minutes after the Ozone module has turned off.


The KVX proposed basic features:

Wireless installation of rear reset switch
Recording of which RFID tag was used to reset the system
Wireless “cloud based” ability for diagnostic and record keeping
Time stamp of “time since reset”
Improved voice prompt
32 bit microprocessor for extended capability
“Always on” motion sensor for secondary, automated, passenger detection
Multiplexed inputs for additional sensor inputs
Multiple outputs for alert lights, triggers and feature expandability

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